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Siso Cosmetics was established in the year 1985. Ever since, we have become a market leader in the field of cosmetics in South India. Our unique selling proposition is that we offer high quality herbal based cosmetic products at an unbeatable price. Our cosmetic products are free from harmful chemicals and confirm to stringent quality standards. Siso has millions of happy customers in India, UAE, Oman, China, Kenya, Sudan, Yemen, UK, Canada and Netherlands.








In these times it has become easier for products to be counterfeited. These fake products do not represent Siso Cosmetic’s high standards for safety, materials or quality of production. We are in no way affiliated with these products and cannot guarantee your safety if you choose to purchase and use any counterfeit product not obtained from an authorized Siso Cosmetics dealer. Siso Cosmetics does aggressively monitor and pursues legal action against unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers to prevent these products from making it to the market.

If you choose to purchase and use a look-alike product from an un-authorized dealer because the price seems too good to be true, it most likely is a counterfeit product. For this reason, we recommend that all customers only purchase genuine Siso Hair Color products directly from our website or from an authorized Siso Cosmetics dealer.

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